Sud-Ouest Radiateurs in partnership with the Italian company LRI is specialized in industrial cooling.

Present in this sector for over 30 years, we are referenced in many sectors of activity (energy, industry, agriculture, etc.). Indeed, you can find cooling batteries on systems for making cold, air conditioning, generator, electrical cabinets … whenever heat exchange is necessary.

We know how to meet production requirements by offering standard and tailor-made products.

Our know-how allows us to support you in:

  • The repair of your battery (the repair is done from the outside without obstructing the damaged tube (s) so as to allow the fluid to pass – brazing according to the material of the tube – leak test – pressurization according to the drums).
  • The design of your coil (manufacture of the copper or aluminum or stainless steel tube and the aluminum or copper or stainless steel fins).
  • Reproduction of a model (according to plan).

If you have a project under study, a specific request or information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be sure to meet your expectations.