We offer you an economical and ecological professional solution:

  • Automatic patented system, using water and compressed air
  • Deep cleaning, eliminates almost all residues
  • Technology valid for cordierite and silicon carbide DPFs

Cleaning your DPF particle filter during the day (depending on the workload in the workshop).

Test of air flow and back pressure values before and after cleaning :

  • A DPF particle filter pressure drop test guarantees that optimal performance is restored. 
  • Measurement of the back pressure of the 100% electronic DPF particle filter.
  • Back pressure of the DPF particle filter measured before and after treatment.

If your DPF is out of order, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs can also offer you a new one as well as all the exhaust accessories (gasket, clamp, etc.).


This equipment is the best option for degreasing, descaling and descaling engine parts and components, regardless of part configuration, difficult access or internal recesses.

This system allows us to efficiently and quickly remove oils, greases and combustion soot from all types of components in the engine sector, such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, turbos, valves, pistons, alternators, injectors, manifolds or filters. particles but also for cleaning brakes, gearboxes, radiators, transmissions etc.

This machine meets the needs of auto and truck repair garages, diesel injection laboratories, repair of engines for the shipbuilding industry and cogeneration, remanufacturing of engines, rebuilding of turbos, etc.

Particle filter cleaning