A particulate filter (or DPF) is an exhaust gas filtration system that retains the fine particles contained in the combustion gases of diesel engines and considered to be one of the main causes of air pollution. to fine particles.

The DPF is used to depollute the exhaust gases emitted by a vehicle. It retains and destroys fine particles and thus reduces the number of particles in the air.

Oxidation of particles is caused by combustion.

The particulate filter (DPF) should be cleaned and emptied regularly so that there is always enough space to block fine particles. The process of cleaning and emptying the particulate filter is called DPF regeneration.

Cleaning the particulate filter is compulsory for all diesel vehicles in circulation.

Designed to clean itself automatically, the particulate filter can however sometimes become clogged.
An anomaly is then detected by the on-board computer which hinders the proper functioning of the engine.
Once it is clogged with an accumulation of soot or ash, it must be cleaned.

Nettoyage filtre à particules
Nettoyage filtre à particules
We offer you an economical and ecological professional solution :
  • Automatic patented system, using water and compressed air,
  • Deep cleaning, eliminates almost all residues,
  • Technology valid for cordierite and silicon carbide DPFs.

Cleaning your DPF particle filter during the day.

Test of air flow and back pressure values before and after cleaning :
  • A DPF particle filter pressure drop test guarantees that optimal performance is restored.
  • Measurement of the back pressure of the 100% electronic DPF particle filter:
    a. Back pressure of the DPF particle filter measured before and after treatment,
    b. Percentage comparison of the cleaned DPF particulate filter compared to a new original DPF particulate filter.
Certificate of conformity :
  • A control label guaranteeing the measurements is directly printed by the machine.
  • You will know for sure the performance of your DPF particulate filter compared to a new DPF particulate filter.

Standard exchange.

New parts (stock available: DPF, catalyst, gasket, clamps… all exhaust accessories).

  • Another cleaning process may be offered to you depending on the condition of your part and entrusted to our partner OPTYM HA.
  • This is a heat treatment and blowing of unburnt residues located in the Particulate filter which allows a complete maintenance of the Particulate filter (DPF).

The goal is to burn off all the soot particles at a very high temperature.

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Cleaning a particle filter for public works machinery


Starting value 117 mbar after cleaning 0 mbar

Photo: FAP After cleaning