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clean a clogged FAP

How to clean a clogged FAP?

Sud-Ouest Radiators advises you

The DPF, for particulate filter, is a mechanical filter positioned on the exhaust line of diesel vehicles, just after the catalyst and before the silencer. Its function is to limit the emission of fine particles into the air, in accordance with European anti-pollution standards. Car manufacturers have added the particle filter to the exhaust of all diesel cars to reduce fine particles like nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, which are harmful to health and the environment.

Because of its filtering function, the DPF can become clogged. It is therefore necessary to maintain it but also to clean it. But how should we proceed? Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is a company based in Yvrac in the 33, which specializes in the cleaning and manufacture of radiators for cars, trucks and any other vehicle concerned. That said, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs also offers a very effective service of cleaning of FAP. To clean a clogged DPF, don’t hesitate to contact the specialists at Southwest Radiators.

How do I know if a DPF is clogged or defective?

Cars that are driven in urban areas for short or long periods of time are most likely to have a clogged DPF. On such journeys, the engine temperature is not sufficient to clean the DPF effectively. It can then clog more quickly and easily. But how can you tell?

Among the symptoms of a clogged DPF, we can cite:

● The engine lights come on: a light on should never be taken lightly. It is important to perform the usual checks as soon as possible to avoid damaging the car.

● The engine is running in a degraded mode.

● A loss of power: this kind of symptom is never harmless and can mean that it is time to clean the DPF.

● The engine chokes and stalls.

Cleaning a clogged DPF: how to proceed?

Now, many cars are equipped with a system that allows the automatic cleaning of the particulate filter. When the light comes on, you have to drive for a few minutes so that the cleaning cycle is complete and generally the light goes off. However, over time, a thorough cleaning of the particulate filter may be necessary.

To clean a clogged DPF, call Southwest Radiators. It is a sensitive operation that requires know-how and specific equipment.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs cleans your DPF in Bordeaux

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs uses a patented automatic system based on water and compressed air for an optimal result. The cleaning of the DPF is done in depth. Almost all the residues are eliminated. Note that this technology is valid for cordierite and silicon carbide particle filters.

The experts at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs perform a pressure drop test on the DPF before and after cleaning to allow it to regain its initial performance. They also perform a back pressure measurement of the DPF before and after treatment, comparing the performance of the cleaned DPF to the original new DPF. Then, at the end of the process, a control label is printed that guarantees the measurements. This way, you can see exactly how your DPF performs compared to a new model.

Please note that if your particulate filter model requires a different cleaning method, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs can call upon its partner OPTYM HA. The latter will carry out a heat treatment and a blowing of the residues which did not burn in the DPF to carry out a maintenance as complete as effective.

To clean your DPF in Bordeaux, trust the expertise of Sud-Ouest Radiateurs. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more!