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The reference in radiator manufacturing and repair

SUD-OUEST RADIATEURS (SOR) is a business of heat exchange professionals.
Founded 50 years ago by Mr Norbert DUPAU, it is naturally taken over by his son Alain DUPAU. It has been located in the artisanal area of ​​Yvrac (Bordeaux – 33000) since 2009, the date on which SUD-OUEST RADIATEURS chose to broaden its skills by adding to its menu, that of the manufacture of tailor-made copper beams.

Our range extends from industry to heavy goods vehicles, including agriculture, public works, light vehicles, and competition. We will always have a solution to offer you concerning your radiators (free estimate).

Our strength is to have a know-how that allows us to take care of your radiator from A to Z.
Today SUD-OUEST RADIATEURS has 14 permanent employees who form a team concerned with the quality of the radiators it produces.