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Radiator car in Gironde: Sud-Ouest Radiateurs meets your needs

Founded fifty years ago, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is a family business based in the artisanal area of Yvrac in Bordeaux. A company specializing in the manufacture and repair of automotive radiators. A team of heat exchange experts is at your disposal for anything relating to radiators. The following are therefore concerned:

  • The heavy weights
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Public works vehicles
  • Cars and other light vehicles
  • Competition vehicles
  • Collector’s vehicles

For your car radiator in Gironde, the specialists of Sud-Ouest Radiateurs are at your disposal.

Sud-Ouest repairs your car radiator in Gironde

The radiator has a special place in the car and therefore requires special expertise. In this, it is always better to entrust its maintenance and repair to a specialist. To have your car radiator repaired in Gironde, to repair an old car radiator or to maintain your radiator, only one address: Sud-Ouest Radiateurs.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs repairs all radiators such as: copper water radiators, aluminum water radiators, copper oil radiators, aluminum oil radiators, air radiators (or intercoolers), tubular exchangers, tanks aluminum, steel tanks, stainless steel tanks, air conditioning condensers, plastic box radiators, diesel heaters …

For this, the experts of Sud-Ouest Radiateurs receive your car radiator in Gironde, from their workshops and make an estimate before starting repairs. Note that the renovation of an old radiator can be done with or without the change of harness.

Perfectly equipped to carry out all radiator repairs, for example your company is equipped with a test bath to validate the radiator’s tightness before returning it to you. Of course, all repairs are guaranteed for at least one year.

And why not take the opportunity to improve the cooling of your radiator by asking us to manufacture a specific harness?

Sud-Ouest manufactures your car radiator in Gironde

You may have specific needs. In this, it is good to be able to count on professionals able to answer them and thus to manufacture radiators according to precise requirements.

Our equipment, our expertise and our know-how allow us to offer you excellent flexibility and responsiveness. We can thus manufacture on request any radiator, in series or in one single piece.

The radiator is then designed according to your requests or following a thermal study. It is also possible to use a particular model to reproduce it. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is also able to reproduce copper, plastic or aluminum radiators and vice versa in order to make them more effective and more solid. The possibilities are almost endless.

Our know-how gives us the opportunity to respond to all requests. If, for example, you are renovating an old car whose parts have not been available on the market for a long time, we can completely deliver a radiator that is not only compliant, but also efficient and robust.

All our radiators are manufactured in Bordeaux in Gironde, on site, in our workshops. And of course, all radiators that come out of our workshop are checked and guaranteed.

For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us. Sud-Ouest Radiateur, the car radiator specialist (but not only) in Gironde is at your side in all your projects.