You are currently viewing Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures and repairs your car radiator in Bordeaux

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures and repairs your car radiator in Bordeaux

Family business based in Yvrac, in the ZA du Grand Chemin, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs repairs and manufactures your car radiator in Bordeaux. Experts put themselves at the service of your project and meet all your requirements thanks to their know-how acquired during several years of experience. Choosing Sud-Ouest Radiateurs for your car radiator in Bordeaux allows you to benefit from constantly renewed expertise.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures your car radiator in Bordeaux

Do you have a specific project for a specific car model? Do you want to renovate an old car but the original radiator cannot be found on the market? Do you want to benefit from the know-how of true car radiator specialists? So many questions to which the specialists at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs are able to answer.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs designs and manufactures all imaginable car radiators, according to your needs and the requirements of your project. Benefiting from significant experience and driven by a passion for their profession, the experts at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs make you benefit from their flexibility and the speed of their production system for the manufacture of any model of radiator. It is therefore possible to order the production of a single radiator or of several. The production according to Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is thus carried out just as well in series.

To do this, all you have to do is give your specifics and the radiator you want is drawn. The experts at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs can also start manufacturing a car radiator based on a thermal study and of course, it is also possible to exactly reproduce an existing car radiator model.

Nothing is impossible ! Do not hesitate to contact the experts at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs to obtain a radiator that is both reliable and efficient, at the best price and as soon as possible. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs designs entirely copper radiators from aluminum radiators and plastic radiators. Thus, the copper gives the radiator greater resistance as well as an undeniably improved performance.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures your car radiator thanks to its advanced machines

The passion that drives our experts and the tools at their disposal allow them to produce high quality radiator tubes and fins. At Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, everything is made on site, in Bordeaux. And of course, in order to deliver the most flawless product to you, all car radiators are manually checked at each stage of manufacture.

Sud-Ouest radiators repairs your car radiator in Bordeaux

The car radiator is subject to multiple failures. Sometimes it can be good to be able to count on specialists in this very particular piece. Experts will always know better how to identify the fault and repair the radiator so that it runs at full speed again without accusing any misfire.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs thus repairs all kinds of radiators: copper or aluminum water radiators, copper or aluminum oil radiators, air radiators, tubular exchangers, aluminum, steel or stainless steel tanks, condensers air conditioning, plastic box radiators …

For this, the experts at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs first establish a diagnosis and provide you with a quote. Note that the renovation of your car radiator can be done with or without changing the harness. In all cases, transparency is essential and you have no bad surprises, including the price.

Choosing Sud-Ouest Radiateurs means opting for exceptional service, for the best price and unique expertise. For your car radiator manufacturing or renovation and repair project in Bordeaux, do not hesitate to contact us.