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Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures your car harness

The car or truck radiator, whether it is a water radiator, an oil radiator, an air radiator or even a heating radiator or an air conditioning radiator, consists into an assemblage of different elements. A car radiator is therefore made up of boxes and pipes, which can be made of brass, aluminum or plastic, and a beam. The bundle is itself made up of tubes in which the coolant circulates.

Specialist in the manufacture of car radiators in Bordeaux in Gironde, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs can also repair your radiator, but also manufacture any copper and aluminum beam.

What is the importance of the car harness?

The car bundle is made up of tubes, fins and two manifolds. This is the main element of the car radiator.

All these elements allow the desired heat transfer. Thus the heat generated by the engine is conveyed to the radiator by the coolant. When it passes through the car radiator, the liquid communicates heat to the tubes of the bundle which in turn transmit it to the fins. It is then that the fresh air coming from outside, when it passes through the radiator, partially evacuates this heat. The liquid is therefore cooled and returns to the engine. The temperature of the latter remains in conformity with the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.

When to change a car harness in Bordeaux in Gironde?

It may happen that the car harness is too oxidized. If this is the case, the heat exchange, which must be optimal to ensure the perfect operation of the radiator and the vehicle, may be strongly impacted, or even non-existent. All the more so if there are no more fins. Indeed, in the present case, the connection by welding between the tubes and the fins is no longer effective. The car’s engine can then overheat.
It is important to keep in mind that a car radiator, even if it is not leaking, may therefore no longer be effective. There are many reasons for a harness malfunction. These include a clogged circuit, a clogged radiator, or a leak on the rest of the circuit.

Sud-Ouest Radiateur manufactures your car harness in Bordeaux in Gironde

A company specializing in the manufacture of car radiators in Bordeaux in Gironde, Sud-Ouest Radiateur designs all its radiators and harnesses on its production site in Yvrac in Gironde. The Sud-Ouest Radiateurs team works on the latest generation digital beam production machines.

It is thus possible for you to submit your specific requests concerning the manufacture of a vintage car harness, in copper and brass, also called honeycomb. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs offers several systems with different specificities depending on the use. In this, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is able to truly optimize the thermal performance of your car radiators. It is also possible to manufacture stapled bundles thanks to the new dimensionally stapled manifold system.

Manufacture of car harnesses in Bordeaux in Gironde

The Sud-Ouest Radiateurs team is able to manufacture serpentine-type bundles or maccord-type bundles, which are used for high-efficiency applications such as light vehicles or generators. It is also possible to order the manufacture of straight fin type beams for stationary applications or heavy goods vehicles and other old cars. Among other applications, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs also manufactures straight fin type bundles with in-line tubes, for applications such as public works or agriculture.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures and repairs your car radiator. Do not hesitate to inquire so that the Sud-Ouest Radiateurs team can accompany you on your project.