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Sud-Ouest radiateurs manufactures any radiator

An essential part of the car, the radiator regulates the engine temperature by cooling the coolant in its channels. If the car or truck radiator is defective, the engine can be damaged. It is therefore important that the radiator is in perfect working order to fulfil its function and continue to maintain the correct temperature in the engine block.

Sud-Ouest Radiateur specialises in the manufacture and repair of car radiators in Bordeaux and can manufacture any radiator. Don’t hesitate to ask us for information on the model you are looking for. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs will accompany you in your projects and provide you with all the expertise necessary for their successful completion.

How does Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufacture your car radiator in Bordeaux?

The experts at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs are indeed able to manufacture any car radiator in Bordeaux, but also truck radiators or other vehicles, harnesses and tanks. All this without ceasing to take into account your specific needs.
To achieve your satisfaction, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs uses its experience and know-how as well as a unique manufacturing process and working methods. A methodology that you can discover by visiting our workshops in Yvrac near Bordeaux. 

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs’ car radiator manufacturing unit in Bordeaux consists of sophisticated machinery designed to produce, among other things, the fins and tubes of your radiators. All radiator components are manufactured on site before being assembled to provide you with the most reliable and efficient radiator.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs' methods for manufacturing your car radiator in Bordeaux

While all radiators are designed to regulate engine temperature, not all radiators are the same. That’s why the experts at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs offer several solutions for making your car radiator in Bordeaux.
  • Radiator manufactured according to a thermal study.
  •  Radiator reproduced according to a specific model: note that in this case, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is able to optimise the radiator to make it even more efficient than the model.
  • A radiator designed according to your specificities: this solution is interesting for example if you have the project to renovate an old car or a collection vehicle. Very often, the radiator models for these cars are no longer available on the market and it is therefore necessary to manufacture them.
Sud-Ouest Radiateurs also offers to manufacture your car radiator in Bordeaux from a plastic or aluminium radiator to reproduce it in copper, making it not only more resistant and durable but also more efficient.

Your car radiator with Sud-Ouest Radiateurs

But Sud-Ouest Radiateurs’ expertise does not stop there, as we also offer a radiator or tank repair service. Our teams are able to manufacture your bundles and tanks. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs also puts forward all its know-how in the deep cleaning of all the parts of the engine or the particle filter and has for that a machine with ultra-sound capable of producing astonishing results. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, your expert in the manufacture and repair of radiators in Bordeaux, Gironde. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is at your disposal to answer all your questions and to provide you with reliable solutions so that you can enjoy the performance of a durable radiator that is fully adapted to the model of your vehicle, whether it is a recent car or a classic vehicle.