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How do you know if your car radiator is worn ?

The radiator is one of the most essential parts of the car. As a reminder, the car radiator is the central element of the cooling system. This is how it maintains a good temperature in the engine. It dissipates heat from the coolant and regulates the temperature of the coolant. It consists of an inlet and outlet tank between which several pipes, called bundles, are connected. These bundles are coated with fins.

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Car radiator : how to recognize the signs of wear?

There are several signs to look out for when it comes to the wear and tear of a car radiator. Spotting them in time and not neglecting them allows you to act as quickly as possible. There are mainly four signs that indicate very clearly that there may be a problem with the radiator.

The car radiator is leaking coolant

It is common to see small puddles under the front of cars or trucks. If coolant is passing through the radiator, the radiator is leaking. A car or truck radiator leak should not be taken lightly and can have serious consequences if neglected. Note that the leak can occur while driving or when the vehicle is parked. To make sure that there is a leak in the radiator, it is possible to perform a pressure test.

The vehicle is overheating

Normally, when the radiator is “healthy”, vehicle overheating is not expected to occur. If your car or truck is constantly overheating, there is a problem with the radiator. It is undeniable that a faulty car radiator is often the source of overheating episodes. In these cases of leakage, the engine is not properly cooled and the temperature rises. Here too, it is important to deal with the problem quickly so that the engine does not suffer the consequences and does not end up breaking down. It is therefore necessary to have the radiator repaired to avoid having to face larger and therefore fatally more costly breakdowns.

Clogged car radiator

You should know that a healthy coolant is yellow, green or red. When your car’s radiator wears out, the fluid tends to take on a rusty tint. Thus, the liquid causes the formation of sludge inside the radiator, which then is no longer able to perform its role. The presence of sludge in the radiator most often results in its replacement, as over time this can cause more serious damage to the engine or the transmission of the vehicle.

The coolant level is too low

It may also happen that the warning light indicating that the coolant level is too low comes on. Here again, it is necessary to react without delay or else lead to greater damage. If the coolant level is too low, it could mean that your car radiator is leaking.

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