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Particle filter in Bordeaux : why should it be cleaned ?

On a diesel vehicle, the particulate filter, also called the DPF, is a filtration system designed to retain the fine particles present in the combustion gases of the engines. These fine particles are widely considered to be one of the main causes of air pollution.

In that it makes it possible to depollute the exhaust gases emitted by a vehicle, the particulate filter must be fully operational. It is therefore important to clean and empty it regularly to permanently preserve the space necessary to block fine particles.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, your specialist in the manufacture and repair of car or truck radiators, also takes care of cleaning your particle filter in Bordeaux and puts all its know-how and expertise at your service.

Particle filter in Bordeaux : when to clean it ?

Several factors influence the frequency of cleaning a particulate filter :

  • Driving style : Frequent driving for short distances at low speed, in town for example or during the winter, prevents the engine from reaching its normal temperature. If you often drive in the city, it is important, from time to time, to make longer journeys, at higher speeds (but always in compliance with the rules of the road). This helps regenerate diesel exhaust gas cleaning systems.
  • The distances traveled : as underlined above, short journeys at low speed contribute to clogging the particulate filter.
  • Vehicle model : Cars, for example, are equipped with a warning light that comes on when the particulate filter is full. It should then be cleaned.

What does the cleaning of the particulate filter in Bordeaux consist of ?

It should be remembered that cleaning the particulate filter is mandatory for all diesel cars. And if the particulate filter is designed to clean itself automatically, it sometimes happens that it becomes clogged. A problem that calls for a quick reaction to prevent the engine from being damaged.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs cleans your particulate filter for you using a professional technique, while respecting the environment.

Our team therefore operates a patented automatic system that uses water and compressed air. The cleaning is then carried out in depth and eliminates almost all the residues present. It is also a relevant technology for cordierite and silicon carbide particulate filters. We clean the particulate filter during the day to allow you to drive serenely again.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs performs an air flow test and back pressure values ​​before and after cleaning. This ensures that you are using a particulate filter with optimum performance. At the end of the process, thanks to the know-how of Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, you know precisely the performance of your DPF compared to a new model.

For an irreproachable cleaning of your DPF, call on Sud-Ouest Radiateurs

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is a company specializing in the maintenance, repair and replacement of car radiators but also the cleaning of your particulate filter near Bordeaux. We are based in Yvrac, 3, ZA du Grand Chemin and offer you a whole range of services to take care of the radiator of your vehicle but also of its particulate filter. Thanks to our know-how and our experience, we work with respect for the environment.

For cleaning your particle filter – FAP in Bordeaux, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is at your side and answers all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and we will be happy to assist you.