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Ultrasound cleaning in Bordeaux: everything you need to know about this technique

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs specialises in the manufacture and repair of radiators in Bordeaux and the surrounding area. With over 50 years of experience and know-how, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs also offers a range of services such as ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning in Bordeaux: what is it?

The Sud-Ouest Radiateurs team puts its expertise and experience at your disposal. This involves using state-of-the-art equipment such as the ultrasonic cleaning machine
The ultrasonic cleaning machine allows for optimal degreasing of engine parts and components, while also performing descaling. In this respect, this equipment offers multiple advantages over conventional cleaning methods: 
  • Complete cleaning regardless of the configuration of the parts  
  • Complete cleaning of hard-to-reach parts (e.g. if they are located in the inner corners)  
  • Fast and complete removal of oil and grease  
  • Fast and complete removal of combustion soot from all engine components such as cylinder heads, turbos, valves, pistons, engine blocks, alternators, injectors, manifolds and particle filters.  
  • Optimal cleaning of brakes, gearboxes, radiators and transmissions 

Who is ultrasonic cleaning for in Bordeaux?

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, your car radiator specialist in Bordeaux, offers you its ultrasonic cleaning service. A service made possible thanks to a machine capable of satisfying the needs in several cases: 
  • Car repair garages (for all motor vehicles, cars or trucks)  
  • Diesel injection laboratories  
  • Shipbuilding industry: engine repair  
  • Engine cogeneration  
  • Engine remanufacturing  
  • Turbos rebuilding 
These are just a few examples. Do not hesitate to contact Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, your car radiator specialist in Bordeaux to find out more. 

What are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning in Bordeaux?

Ultrasonic cleaning is an advanced cleaning technique that allows the Sud-Ouest Radiators team to offer optimal services in many cases. Ultrasonic cleaning in Bordeaux offers greater efficiency than other techniques. Here, all parts, including the most complex, are cleaned under the action of ultrasonic bubbles. The ultrasonic bubbles are able to reach even the smallest gaps.

In addition, it is possible to clean all parts, regardless of their material, without dismantling them. This saves a lot of time.

Another important advantage is that ultrasonic cleaning in Bordeaux eliminates potentially dangerous splashes of cleaning fluid.

Ultrasonic cleaning in Bordeaux: some examples

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs can use its ultrasonic cleaning machine to give a new lease of life to parts as diverse as the cylinder head, the injection pump, the valve seat, the turbo, the pistons, the gearbox, the heat exchanger and the tube exchanger. Ask around and see for yourself how effective ultrasonic cleaning is for all parts of the engine.

Why ultrasonic cleaning of the engine?

Generally speaking, cleaning a motor allows it to run better and longer. A good cleaning also gives it the opportunity to avoid corrosion and fouling that could damage it in the long run. Cleaning is especially important in areas where there is a lot of snow or at the seaside, because of the salt.

Ultrasonic cleaning can also be useful after an engine oil leak or coolant leak. It is also recommended in the event of fuel overuse or combustion smoke emission. It is good to know that an engine will clog up more quickly in vehicles that are usually driven short distances because it is not able to reach its optimum operating temperature.

To find out more about ultrasonic engine cleaning in Bordeaux in the Gironde, please contact Sud-Ouest Radiateurs.