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Car radiators in Gironde : why entrust your project to Sud-Ouest Radiateurs ?

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs specialises in the manufacture and repair of car radiators in Bordeaux. Entrust the repair or manufacture of your car radiator to professionals and obtain a turnkey service of superior quality. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs puts its expertise, know-how and experience at your disposal. Do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures your entire car radiator in Gironde

The manufacture of radiators is at the heart of Sud-Ouest Radiateurs’ expertise, which offers a range of services in order to complete your project.

Are you renovating an old car and the radiator for this model has not been available for a long time? Are you looking for a specific, high-performance radiator? For your car radiator in Gironde, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs designs and manufactures all types of radiators, harnesses and tanks according to your needs, even if these are extremely specific.

It is also possible to order the manufacture of a car radiator in series or as a single unit.

Discover the Sud-Ouest Radiateurs process for the manufacture of car radiators in Gironde

The performances offered by Sud-Ouest Radiateurs are inherent to the know-how of the whole team but also to the state-of-the-art equipment used. The manufacturing process and working methods of Sud-Ouest Radiateurs are unique. It is also possible to visit the workshops to discover what goes on behind the scenes in the manufacture and repair of radiators. The specialists use advanced machinery to produce the tubes and fins for your car radiator. It is also important to note that all radiator components are manufactured on site.

Car radiators in Gironde: which radiators can Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufacture?

The experts at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs respond to all requests concerning the manufacture of car or truck radiators. It is thus possible to order the manufacture of a radiator that you have designed according to your specifications. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs can also design a radiator following a thermal study. Of course, it is also possible to make a copy of a radiator. For example, you can ask for a reproduction of a used radiator and obtain an even more efficient and reliable radiator.

As proof of our know-how and expertise, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs builds strong, resistant and high-performance copper radiators from plastic or aluminium radiators. For classic cars, racing cars and more ordinary vehicles, for trucks and many other vehicles, Sud-Ouest Radiators meets the requirements of all your projects.

Car radiator repair in Gironde

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is an expert in the manufacture of car and truck radiators in Bordeaux and also offers radiator and tank repair services. It is possible to repair copper and aluminium water radiators, copper and aluminium oil radiators, air radiators (also called intercoolers), tubular heat exchangers, steel, stainless steel and aluminium tanks, air conditioning condensers, plastic box radiators and diesel heaters.

Equipped with the best machines and unique know-how, the Sud-Ouest Radiateurs team is at your disposal to meet your requirements. In addition to the manufacture and repair of radiators, the company also manufactures tanks and bundles and cleans particle filters. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs has a high-performance ultrasonic cleaning machine that offers astonishing results and enables all engine parts to be scoured.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now to find out about the manufacture and repair of your car radiator in Bordeaux in the Gironde.