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Car radiator: everything you need to know about its operation and composition

The car radiator is one of the most important parts. Most modern cars have a liquid cooling system. The car radiator is one of the most important components of this system and of course it plays an important role.
Sud-Ouest Radiateurs specialises in the manufacture, design and repair of car radiators, as well as in the cleaning of the FAP (particulate filter). Sud-Ouest Radiateurs will give your radiator a new lease of life and ensure that it functions optimally, whatever its model.

How does a car radiator work?

The car’s cooling radiator takes up about 25% of the potential energy of the fuel, which is then converted into heat energy. In a car, the heat that is collected by the heat transfer fluid is channelled to the coolant radiator. The coolant is then cooled by the ambient air and returned to the engine via the lower hose to repeat the cycle.
In other words, the coolant flows from the water pump to the radiator. The car radiator is made up of a set of tubes or bundles that allow the liquid to evacuate the heat it contains. Air is circulated through the radiator by the speed of the moving vehicle or by the ventilation system. The heat is thus removed from the liquid and the engine temperature is controlled, eliminating the risk of overheating.

Car radiator: how is it made?

The car radiator consists mainly of three components:

  • The heat exchanger: this is a system of thin aluminium or copper tubes onto which thin aluminium plates are threaded.
  • The frame
  • The inlet and outlet pipes
There are two types of radiators:
  • The copper car radiator: here the radiator offers optimal heat transfer due to the properties of copper.
  • The copper radiator, on the other hand, can be heavier. Nevertheless, it is possible to repair a copper radiator very effectively.
The aluminium car radiator: Very light and often used, the aluminium radiator offers excellent performance. 

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures your car radiator

Thanks to the know-how of the Sud-Ouest Radiateurs team, it is possible to manufacture any type of radiator, whether it is a one-off or a mass production model. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs’ manufacturing process and working methods are unique. By combining advanced machinery and precise craftsmanship, Sud-Ouest Radiators’ specialists can produce radiator tubes and fins from raw material to finished product. Of course, all radiator components are designed and manufactured on site in the Bordeaux workshops.
Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is thus able to manufacture a radiator designed to your specifications, down to the smallest detail, but also to manufacture a radiator according to a thermal study. It is also possible to manufacture a car radiator according to a model. This makes it possible to replace a damaged radiator, regardless of the vehicle model.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs repairs your car radiator

Sud-Ouest Radiateur can repair your copper radiator, your aluminium radiator with plastic boxes and your all-aluminium radiator. The repair can also be carried out with or without a change of harness, depending on the estimate drawn up beforehand. The team at Sud-Ouest Radiateurs can guarantee that your car radiator will perform at its best after the repair!
To find out more about the methods used by Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, your car radiator specialist in Bordeaux, don’t hesitate to contact us!