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Discover ultrasonic cleaning in Bordeaux with Sud-Ouest Radiateurs

Based in Yvrac near Bordeaux, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is a company specializing in radiators for cars and other vehicles. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs therefore offers several services such as repairing car radiators, manufacturing radiators, trading in radiators, cleaning the particulate filter or even ultrasonic cleaning.

A service in which we will be particularly interested.

Choosing Sud-Ouest Radiateurs means ensuring unique skills and know-how in the design, manufacture, cleaning or repair of your radiator, but not only …

What is ultrasonic cleaning in Bordeaux?

Cleaning an engine is never easy, but it is nevertheless essential to ensure its durability and proper functioning. This is how Sud-Ouest Radiateurs offers ultrasonic cleaning in Bordeaux.

Ultrasonic cleaning allows degreasing, descaling and descaling of engine components and parts. An advanced technique that concerns all types of engines, whatever the configuration of the parts or their difficulty of access. Ultrasonic cleaning offers the possibility of efficiently and promptly removing oils, greases and combustion soot from all engine components. All sections of the engine are also affected: engine blocks, cylinder heads, turbos, pistons, valves, alternators, injectors, manifolds and particulate filters.

Ultrasonic cleaning also makes it possible to very effectively clean the brakes, gearboxes, radiators or even transmissions.

The machine used by Sud-Ouest Radiateurs experts is then able to meet all the needs in terms of cleaning engine components in car or truck repair garages, diesel injection laboratories, shipbuilding industry, companies specializing in remanufacturing engines, and those who rebuild turbos, etc …

Very precise and as efficient as possible, ultrasonic cleaning produces exceptional results without damaging materials or modifying the dimensions and geometry of surfaces. Do not hesitate to inquire and we will be able to show you the effectiveness of ultrasonic motor cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning in Bordeaux: why do we need to clean the motors?

Unfortunately, engine cleaning often takes a back seat while its usefulness is widely recognized by all professionals. Thus, cleaning an engine prevents the formation of rust under the effect of rain, snow or salt. A clean and well-maintained engine will have an extended life and will always perform better than a dirty engine. Note that cleaning the engine is all the more necessary for vehicles that have to make mainly short trips.

Another undeniable advantage of properly cleaning an engine: it has been proven that a clean and well-maintained engine on a regular basis will consume less than a dirty engine.

Ultrasonic cleaning in Bordeaux: trust the professionals

However, it is never easy to properly clean your engine. We can make mistakes and be counterproductive. It is also a task that takes time when you do not have the right equipment.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs has sophisticated machines, at the cutting edge of progress to obtain the best results. This of course concerns the manufacture and repair of car radiators, the core business of the company, but also engine cleaning. Whether you are a garage, a company specializing in automobiles, heavy goods vehicles or working in the naval industry, ultrasonic cleaning can bring you many benefits.

Thanks to Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, you no longer need to worry about cleaning your engine.