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Sud-Ouest Radiateurs provides you with your car radiator in Bordeaux

Indispensable to maintain a good temperature within the engine, the radiator is an essential part of the car. There are several types of radiators, copper or aluminum, but all consist of an inlet and outlet tank between which are connected a large number of bundles coated with fins. It is precisely these fins that promote heat exchange between the ambient air and the coolant.

Sometimes, when it no longer fulfills its role, the radiator must be changed. As part of the renovation of an old car or another similar project, it is therefore essential to build a new fully adapted car radiator.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is the French car radiator expert in the Sud-Ouest region. Based in Gironde, in Yvrac near Bordeaux, the family business puts its know-how and expertise at the service of all projects. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs offers a whole range of services to repair defective radiators but also to manufacture them.

A high-performance radiator manufacturing process

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs specialists design and manufacture all types of car radiators but also harnesses and tanks according to your specific needs. It is therefore possible to order a single radiator or to have it produced in series. If for example you have undertaken a complete restoration of a model car from the 1950s, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs can totally shape your new car radiator and allow you to achieve the best performance.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs makes it a point of honor to manufacture radiators as quickly as possible, at the best price. The manufacturing unit, equipped with advanced machinery, offers this opportunity to produce radiator tubes and fins for high quality finished parts. Of course, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs designs, manufactures and repairs all radiators on site, in its workshops near Bordeaux. At each step of the process, in order to provide you with the best possible service, all radiators are thoroughly checked. You can be sure that you will benefit from a radiator that is not only fully compliant with your requirements but also very efficient.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs designs and manufactures your radiators

Thanks to a flexible and fast production system, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs can produce any model of radiators in Bordeaux according to your instructions, following a thermal study or reproducing an existing model. All projects are welcome: to obtain higher performance, for vintage cars, motorcycles, motor homes or even heavy goods vehicles, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs puts its expertise at your service.

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project. An essential part of the engine, whether for cars, motorcycles or even heavy goods vehicles, the radiator requires special expertise. Calling on Sud-Ouest Radiateurs allows you to benefit from the best services and ensures a radiator in perfect working order, at the best price, in the shortest possible time.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs also manufactures the tanks.

The other services of Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, the car radiator expert in Gironde

In addition to the design and manufacture of radiators, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs puts the specialized skills of its employees at the service of other projects. This is how the Sud-Ouest Radiateurs team of specialists repairs all types of radiators and tanks. Without forgetting the cleaning of the particle filter and the tank.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs also performs ultrasonic cleaning of automotive parts. This high performance system quickly removes oil and grease residues and combustion soot from all engine components.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, the expert in car radiators in Bordeaux in Gironde, supports you in all your projects. Contact us without delay via our website or by phone.