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Aluminum radiator in Bordeaux : what are its advantages?

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs welcomes you to the ZA du Grand Chemin in Yvrac near Bordeaux. A company that uses all its know-how, acquired over more than 50 years of experience, to manufacture and repair your car radiator. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs thus works on all types of radiators :

  • The copper radiator with brass boxes.

  • The aluminum radiator with plastic boxes.

  • The all-aluminum radiator.

Note that the radiator renovation can be done with or without changing the beam and always respects the previously established estimate.

When it comes to radiators, the choice is often made between the copper radiator and the aluminum radiator.

What are the advantages of the aluminum car radiator ?

The aluminum radiator is a great success. Its price is sometimes mentioned. Indeed, even if this may vary depending on the case, the aluminum radiator is more economical. It is also very efficient. In terms of heat transfer, aluminum has a capacity roughly equivalent to that of copper. Since a large part of modern cars produced in recent years are equipped with aluminum radiators, it is often easier to find spare parts.

However, thanks to Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, whatever the nature of your radiator is. The Sud-Ouest Radiateurs team is able to repair or manufacture any radiator, according to your needs and requirements.

Aluminum radiator : its other advantages

The aluminum radiator is also popular thanks to its ability to resist damage very well and to clog less often. In addition, the aluminum radiator is also very light. In this it is also practical.

Aluminum is also easily welded. If there is a crack or leak, while it is often necessary to replace the radiator, it is possible, in the case of the aluminum radiator, to attempt to weld to repair the cracks. Repairing a radiator can also cost less than replacing it.

The aluminum radiator is durable and resistant. It cracks only with great difficulty and resists bending, even when subjected to very high temperatures. Statistics show that in a frontal impact, aluminum radiators are more likely to withstand than “regular” radiators.

Aluminum radiator : the sustainable choice

Another important point: the aluminum radiator is more coherent from an ecological point of view. Aluminum is a recyclable metal. It is therefore beneficial for the environment. When the time comes to replace it, it is possible to recycle it in a dedicated center. The aluminum is melted down and is used in the manufacture of another radiator or a part of another nature.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures and repairs your aluminum radiator in Bordeaux

With extensive experience, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is a company specializing in the manufacture and repair of all radiators. To give a second youth to your radiator, whether in copper or aluminum, or to manufacture a car radiator from scratch, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is at your disposal.

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs is the French benchmark for the manufacture and repair of radiators. We also manufacture your car harness and tank. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs also cleans the particulate filters.

Nothing is impossible thanks to the expertise of Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, the company specializing in heat exchange for cars, heavy goods vehicles, agricultural machinery and public works machinery. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !