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Car radiator Bordeaux: how to take care of it every day?

The radiator is a central part of the car and must be given special care. Essential to the proper functioning of the vehicle, the car radiator cools the coolant and absorbs the heat from the engine. So if the car radiator fails, the whole system is at risk. In this respect, it is important to pay attention and learn how to detect the signs that may indicate that the car radiator is malfunctioning.

How to diagnose a malfunctioning car radiator?

There are several signs that indicate that the car’s cooling system has a more or less serious problem. Sud-Ouest Radiators, the car radiator specialist, gives you some clues.

  • Engine overheating: most engines are designed to operate at temperatures that can reach 105 degrees Celsius. Beyond that, the engine is in danger and some parts can break down. When overheating occurs, i.e. when the warning light comes on, there is a problem with the radiator. In many cases, the car radiator needs to be refilled with coolant. However, if the problem occurs frequently, it means that the radiator is not using the fluid properly and is therefore unable to absorb the engine’s heat properly.

  • Leakage: Sometimes the car radiator cooling system has one or more leaks. To be sure, you can look under the car when the engine is cold. If you see a small puddle under the radiator, there is a leak. It is important to repair it without delay. Note that coolant is toxic. It is therefore also important to clean it.

Other signs of an overheated car radiator

There are other signs of a faulty car radiator.

  • Low coolant level: If your coolant level drops too low, it is most likely leaking. Note that a car radiator leak does not always manifest itself as a puddle under the vehicle. If the leak is located above the radiator, for example, the fluid only leaks when the engine is running.
  • Other problems: Over time, a car radiator may lose its efficiency due to rust or dust build-up that can clog the pipes. In this case, the coolant no longer circulates optimally and overheating occurs.

Proper maintenance of a car radiator to prevent overheating

It is a good idea to check the radiator from time to time to ensure that everything is in order. This can also help to prevent breakdowns.

  • Check the coolant level: Check that the coolant level is between the “min” and “max” markers.
  • Checking the condition of the coolant: A coolant tester can be used for this. This allows you to check that the coolant does not indicate a deterioration of the car radiator.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures and repairs your car radiator

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs manufactures and repairs your car radiator.
Based in Yvrac near Bordeaux, Sud-Ouest Radiateurs repairs your car radiator in an optimal way. Benefit from the know-how of Sud-Ouest Radiateurs’ experts to repair your car radiator. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs can also carry out a study of your cooling system and build it from scratch according to a drawing, a thermal study or a model.

To find out more about Sud-Ouest Radiateurs’ know-how for your car radiator in Bordeaux, don’t hesitate to contact us.